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Nurses Week 2014 – Backbone of Healthcare

If you want to use the term ‘backbone’ then nurses would be the backbone of the healthcare system. Generally, in most hospitals the primary caregivers are nurses, and they also are a part of correctly diagnosing patients. Not only that, they spend their days serving patients, improving their health. But many nurses also go above and beyond, and their holistic approach to healthcare provision contributes to us in significant ways when we find ourselves at our physical (or mental) worse.

Hug a nurse this week for the annual Nurses Week! Healthcare wouldn’t be healthcare without them.

Joint Commission Change Standards for diagnostic imaging services

The Joint Commission announced changes to its standards for accredited hospitals, critical access hospitals, and ambulatory health care organizations that provide diagnostic imaging services, including ambulatory organizations that have achieved Advanced Diagnostic Imaging certification. The changes will be effective July 1, 2014 with additional requirements to be phased in by 2015.

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Classic Surgeon, Leaving a Sponge Behind

The Joint Commission issued a Sentinel Event Alert urging health centers to re-assess policy and practice to avoid mistakenly leaving items in a patient’s body after surgery.

Yes, it happens more often than you’d expect, even with the high level of proficiency and # of eyes on the patient, unintended retention of foreign objects (URFOs) or retained surgical items (RSIs), happens. The impact on patient safety is obviously massive with the possibility of physical and emotional issues.

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The Joint Commission’s Top Performer on Key Quality Measures® for 2012

Found in their annual Top Performer report. 1099 hospitals around the US were regarded for a or multiple forms of treatment.

ELI5 – Why Is Obamacare Good or Bad?

A good topic to discuss, unfortunately, no simple way to explain the nuances of the Obamacare package. Although most economists would agree the best solution would be a form of universal healthcare, what we have in front of us now is Obamacare.

Read for some thoughts and explanations like you were five and needed an answer now.

Alarm Fatigue in The Hospital

Joint Commission has added to the growing concern of alarm fatigue in the workplace. Be it beepers, phones, intercomes, computers, what have you, the question posed is whether or not the barrage of alarms is affected healthcare provision?

Alarms are also a normal component of medical devices such as ventilators, blood pressure monitors and ECG machines, it seems everything has a beep of urgency. But that urgency has translated into damaging results.

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Joint Commission Releases Speak Up: About Your Pain

JC released a video that illustrates to the public why it’s important for patients to speak up about their pain. This is one of many in a series to be released, granted the computer generated voices are somewhat hokey….

Legal Considerations Starting a Medical Office

From the outside looking in any medical office may seem like a cash cow for whichever medical service is being provided from a doctor’s office, specialty office, dental, orthodontics, etc. Behind the scenes the overhead to run these practices is considerable.

Some of the major aspects required to run a medical office are insurance and legal assistance. For the latter there are at least 3 categories one has to consider as they launch or purchase their practice.

1) The obvious is medical malpractice. Both malpractice insurance and legal guidance for proper ways and policies to mitigate malpractice lawsuits are necessary for any organization.

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The expanding need for tech savvy healthcare professionals

Healthcare centers are no longer simple organizations that housed a doctor a few nurses. For one of the largest industries in the country, hospitals to clinics comprise of more than just healthcare professionals, but rather a wide breadth of skills necessary to run what is essentially a profit maximizing firm.

Whether we like it or not, healthcare is an industry dependent on the bottom line and will adjust its service to reflect that outcome. To help (or perhaps to its detriment) the process of innovation and efficiency, technology has played a wider role.

No longer just a factor in emerging treatments, technology improves patient care, offers more opportunities for education, and can increase efficiency of care.

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COPAN Produces CDC/Joint Commission Educational Videos

This week COPAN (a firm named after COllection and Preservation for ANalysis) launched a set of videos demonstrating proper sample collection techniques for respiratory samples. The new videos were created for the CDC and The Joint Commission. The use will be web based directed to flu diagnosis and treatment in ambulatory settings for healthcare providers.

Demonstrations of Nasal and Nasopharyngeal swab sample collection use FLOQSwabs(TM) by COPAN and COPAN’s Universal Transport Media (UTM). Additional videos demonstrate proper technique for Nasal Aspirates and Nasal Washes. Continue reading…