COVID-19 Surges in America Unabated Thanks to Trump

Coronavirus has spiked in America and won’t reach its peak for a number of months. The hardest hit will be lower income Americans who have no medical coverage. All of this could have been mitigated to a large degree had Donald Trump prepared Americans and the healthcare industry earlier. However, what actually happened was a complete reversal. Initially Donald Trump and Republican supporters believe coronavirus was a hoax, but it was not going to be a big deal, and that preparation was not needed. The lack of preparation has led to utter chaos. Because of the lack of leader ship at the federal level preparedness is low. The federal government will not be providing much relief to states who desperately need it. When a leader feels as badly as Trump they try to deflect attention which he has done by saying response for COVID is the responsibility of State Governors.

Unequivocally, this is going to impact trump’s re-election campaign coming into the November election. He is literally killing off many of his supporters. Many red states that typically vote Republican still have not implemented self-isolation policies. Because America did not respond in time, calling the virus a hoax and downplaying its danger, the country will be faced with an unprecedented number of deaths that will likely exceed every other nation in the world.

here are some resources to help you through self-isolation and tracking the virus in your region. Stay safe out there.

Symptoms and Self Testing:

Mapping the virus:

Live reporting of numbers worldwide: