Part 2 – Identities Revealed – You are what you eat

Which products are the perpetrators on the crowded shelf? The most questionable claims and safety involve weight loss products, products to improve sexual performance, and body building products. Many of these so called natural supplements have been found to contain prescription drugs or steroids. Liver and kidney function, blood pressure can be adversely affected as well as the possibility of heart attack or stroke have been linked to the use of these supplements.

Other dietary supplements have been found to contain contaminants such as pesticides, or heavy metals. FDA rules do not extend to the companies that provide the herbs or other materials that are manufactured in the US. The fine print on bottles of supplements can sometimes come with a disclaimer that the FDA has not verified the manufacturer’s claim.

Protein drinks are a billion dollar product. Claims they advance are weight loss, energy boost, building muscle, and delay of aging.

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Caveat Emptor: To Eat or Not to Eat – dietary supplements

Let’s start this article with a riddle. What do more than 50% of Americans spend billions of dollars on yearly, and is the most popular alternative health therapy in the nation? If you answered dietary supplements instead of Disney World you are correct.

What goes on behind the shelves and shelves of products with 1000 new ones being introduced annually? As you stand there deciding you need to know who and what is involved in the behind the scenes action. Often obscured by cryptic acronyms this article will reveal their true identity and purpose.

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