Access to COVID Vaccine Next Concern to Combat Delta Variant

At the publishing of this article Canada has now emerged as the world leader in terms of single doses as a percentage of population. The access to COVID-19 vaccines is a question of concern, however. Right now, as the Delta variant continues at a breakneck speed, countries that were not at the front of the line are suffering the consequences. Rich countries have been hoarding vaccines, sitting unused in storage. And although COVAX and the USA are increasing their distribution, the scenario has revealed problems in both access for developing nations, and also exclusivity in production. Countries (which are most) that do not have domestic vaccine production were behind the eight ball. Although the volume of vaccines is increasing across different brands, availability and eventually inoculation has been hampered. Delays that stretch into months, and some countries may even wait years before their population has full access, is working against the worldwide effort to stop the spread, especially as variants emerge in more dangerous forms.

So if you can get it, get your vaccine as soon as possible. And while you’re at it, advocate for the rapid distribution for those close to home, and further away, to have improved access.

COVID Vaccination Rates by Country

Ahead or behind?

There is a clear association between countries that have money, and those that produce vaccines within its borders. Poorer nations will likely wait a year before enough vaccines arrive. That means the top countries fighting for supply right now, America leading the way, are very lucky to fighting over anything at all. To put things into comparison. Check out the graph below to see where you country lines up.

COVID Vaccines Slowly Rolling Out. Is it Enough?

Frontline healthcare workers are slowly getting back sedated with the new Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. At the end of December 1 round of the Pfizer vaccine began and the Moderna vaccine has recently been approved as well. Both of them require two doses and the most vulnerable, the rich, and frontline healthcare workers are the first to receive it. Will it be enough?

At the rate that America is going at least, it won’t be. Slowing the spread of the virus is the main goal of the vaccine that’s over 95+% effective. The trouble is you need to get a critical mass of your population inoculated for it to take affect. As a healthcare system crumbles under the continued stress of Covid patients, America still has to deal with their anti-vaccine minority.

The predominantly white population confused with conspiracy theories are refusing to not only get the vaccine, they are also staging anti-mask protest there by increasing the spread of infection at an exponential rate. This is been going on since Covid first came to North America, and likely will never end. That’s a difficult reality to consider when a significant portion of the population will refuse the solution. That will continue to impact businesses but more importantly decimate the most vulnerable populations.

In the process of killing themselves, anti-maskers and anti-vaccine Proponents are slated to take down as many people with them due to a otter lack of intelligence.

Get your vaccine, compel your government to distribute effectively, quickly, and free. Let’s get this thing over with and let’s imagine a better world and healthcare system of tomorrow.

Libertarian States Killing Themselves Off

North and South Dakota have a dubious distinction as the worst places to contract Coronoa. They have the highest per capita COVID-19 death rate anywhere on the face of the planet. Does this come as a surprise? Absolutely not.

This is one of the last places on earth that has employed any coherent COVID-19 strategy. The majority of the citizens simply don’t want it. Most think the virus is a grand hoax. Apart from lower education levels, implementation of simple measures do go a long way. But try convincing anti-mask states.

One of the simplest tools that prevents the transmission of the virus is mask wearing but libertarian states refuse to adhere to a mask rule because of its supposed infringement on personal liberties. This has led to a direct correlation to the astronomical increase in cases and deaths. To make matters worse America is the only advanced economy in the world that does not have a single payer healthcare system. Americans prefer no access to healthcare and death, over health and community safety. What’s exchanged is the notion of maintaining individual liberties, but that comes at the cost of dying.

To some it’s worth it.

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Quarter Million Preventable COVID Deaths in USA

250K COVID deaths approaching.

the United States is quickly approaching a dubious distinction of hitting a quarter million deaths as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The lack of federal response, coupled with conspiracies and the overall conservative and libertarian culture in America has proved to be its undoing.

With the looming election coming, the expectation is the terrible federal response will be one of the following issues and the proverbial straw that will break the Republican party’s back.

America is one of the only developed nations on the face of the planet that does not provide universal healthcare. This despite spending more per capita on healthcare. The unwillingness to move to a single payer system in favour of individual rights and military spending, means for the average American Covid is killer. For the most vulnerable it’s deadly. The poor and the elderly are unequally represented in COVID deaths.

Things could be changing just around the corner. Despite America’s rapidly increasing divide between ultra wealthy and the growing yet stagnant middle-class, a change in government may offer the federal response required to turn the tide of an unmitigated growing a second wave of the virus. A vaccine will also help, but that can’t be relied upon to stop the bleeding that’s occurring now.

Always get itemized bills in the American health care system

America has among the best healthcare services and expertise available in the free world. That is if you can pay for it. There’s no other developed country in the world that pays more per capita for healthcare, yet they are also one of the few countries on the face of the planet that does not provide universal healthcare.

Rural Americans would prefer to die rather than pay for healthcare, citing the “socialist” agenda. In reality, the “socialist” agenda is actually a product of a far right-wing agenda that denies Americans basic health services.

So what happens when you do happen to need health services, specifically a trip to the hospital? How do you deal with the massive inflation of prices? Why does a band-aid cost $50? Everything not including the air you breath has a price tag.

Turns out you have a few options on top of your insurance provider. You should advocate for yourself, and press hard to have any bill itemized.

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Anti-vaxxers causing measles outbreaks in US

Anti-vaxxers with their pseudo science are causing public health problems wherever they exist. Parents, themselves have been vaccinated, are no longer vaccinating their children. When generations emerged who have never seen the adverse and cataclysmic effects of disease, stupidity and privilege reign supreme. Worst worst part is the victims are always children (and sometimes the elderly). Children of uneducated parents who are susceptible to easily preventable diseases, and children who cannot be vaccinated (perhaps due to age). Unfortunately a change in the anti-vaccination movement won’t come until there is a widespread epidemic that will decimate children in small population counties. It’s eerie to consider that the “best” case scenario would be for outbreaks to be contained in highly religious or anti-science communities. But containment for infectious disease in highly populated areas is difficult. It’s only a matter of time before a lot of children get sick.